Residential Services

Don't forget your regular 3 month pc tune up!  Let Redline keep your pc healthy from spyware, viruses and identity theft.  Call today to setup an appointment. 904.281.0009

Home PC Service







Hardware/Software Installation & Upgrade - upgrading your computer may be a more cost effective solution to buying a new computer or laptop. 

Virus and Adware Removal - computer viruses and adware can lead to major issues with your computer.  Our techs are up-to-date on the latest fixes and have a wide assortment of software to help diagnose, and remove the infection.

Computer & Laptop Repair - Whether your machine won't start, it's running slow or you've got a major issue, Redline can get your machine back in running order.

Performance Tune-ups - overtime your computer can get bogged down with temporary files, saved cache and other software running that will slow your computer down.  Our techs can clean up your computer so it will startup faster and run more smoothly.

Data Transfers -

OS Reinstalls -







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